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About our company

Professionals in the logistic industry.

Well-advised logistics is the result of successful industry growth and marketing companies. “Pride Logistics” helps to develop our clients business by solving logistical challenges. The company provides all types of logistics services.

What stands out from the competitors



Delivery of goods in the shortest time. Prompt order processing: from acceptance of a requisition through the cargo transfer and goods are handed over. 



We provide a full cycle of logistics services: shipment from factory to warehouse, storage, sorting, repacking and speed-to-shelf distribution. We can handle storage and distributing large amounts of the various products.



We are responsible for your shipment. We strive to safeguard  the quantity and quality of goods.


Market knowledge

The “Pride Logistics” was established on the basis of an existing company with more than 17 years of work experience. We offer favorable terms of cooperation, and we are continuing to improve as the market develops.

Experience and quality assurance 

Drawing on the expertise and experience in areas of organizing the whole logistics cycle, our team will solve problems efficiently and on time. Logistical processes are optimized with a modern vehicle fleet and highly qualified employees who increase the convenience, speed and quality of the services. 

Why you’d like to cooperate with us

Contract out of logistics issues: warehouse, warehouses employ and vehicle establishment. You will no longer need to maintain secure warehouses, fleets and hire employees in different parts of Ukraine. No more break head over about the seasonal increase in capacity and staff.

Safeguarding and preventing financial losses for client. Individually approach to each client; collectively develop a scheme for working with the customer.

We are always available.

100% commercial manufacturing job. We provide full support from the moment of loading to pending receipt by the client. We are constantly improving the services to get a perfect result.

Transparent cooperation

“Pride Logistics” company provides to attend to their office. Price lists and an online calculator are freely available on the site of company. We work under the contract and offer full support of all forms of cooperation.

Successfully partnership development

We guarantee resourceful and profitable cooperation. Making partners good at logistics. Arrange stable job of their business. It affords to partners to develop with modern economics.

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