Pride Logistics.

High quality delivery

International trade is expanding and improving. There is a corresponding need for a high quality and prompt delivery. “Pride Logistics” is a highly reliable transportation company. We provide well-established delivery of cargo and quality storage the inventory items. 

The “Pride Logistics” company provides simple solutions to complex logistical challenges.

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About the “Pride Logistics” company.

“Pride Logistics” is a reliable company and is trusted by market leaders. We know how important it is for the client to receive the cargo on time. Therefore we have perfected every step of delivering.

 We work promptly, efficiently, and confidently and in compliance with the specified deadlines.  We guarantee transparency of cooperation and advising clients at a convenient time. We solve problems associated with delivery.  This gives the customer more time to engage in the production processes and increasing sales.

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Leadership and excellence - genuine teamwork.

Carefully chosen specialists with work experience make up the team of “Pride Logistics” company. Each day the team solves a number of challenges. By pulling our efforts together, we’re achieving high performance.

 We keep improving to keep pace with the time. Our employees advance in skill through seminars, trainings, conferences and courses. Round tables and brainstorming sessions are held within the company. There is also an Internal Academy to train the employees. 

Become part of the team

Our services

We provide all types of logistics services and work on a turnkey basis. We carry out the scope of work: loading, checking the quantity and quality of products, integrity of transport packaging, repacking, picking at our ERTs, shipping and unloading in stock.


Provision of delivery crews

The company provides transport services on its own and hired vehicles. We make a short route with minimal cost. Transportation of all groups of goods, perishable products and special cargoes is possible.


Responsible storage CV

Loading and unloading is the most important stage of the logistics chain. Employees of our company pay attention to the marking of the cargo, monitor the fastening of goods in transport.


Freight forwarding (outside the city)

We provide a full range of logistics services. Delivery of goods from the shipper to the destination by the consignee.


Our clients


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